“Awesome. Will work with him again and again”

Boris Glants, CTO, Tonic Health

I want to give the clients I work with a significant boost by advising and executing on the optimal mobile strategy. To achieve that, I only work with designers and developers I trust and have extensive experience with. Unfortunately, that means I've only got capacity to take one new client over the next 3 months or so, and maybe 2 or 3 for the rest of 2014. If you want that to be you, then don't hesitate to get in touch!


Einar Vollset, PhD

Left Coast R&D, Inc. 

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I have a proven track record of developing apps that increase sales, revenues and market share for my clients. 

Leave your details here, and we'll arrange a time for you and me to have a confidential discussion about what opportunities mobile presents for your business.

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I have built apps and advised on mobile strategy for institutions like:

I build apps that let you increase your marketshare, close more sales, boost your profits or even raise funding.


I built the first Prototype of Tonic Health's Revolutionary iPad app - helping them sign their first major Hospital Clients and be named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's "Brilliant Companies 2012".

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You would rather spend the time and money (3-6 months of full time training) to get your in-house web developers up to speed on iOS and Android development before you start adding customers and increasing revenues.

You're not willing to move fast and iterate. I specialize in building (fully functional and beautiful) prototypes that encompass the core functionality and test your riskiest assumptions. Once your app is being used and your users are adding feedback, you can add the features they're asking for (instead of spending money up front on features nobody will use).

You believe that apps are a "nice to have", instead of a vital defense against nimbler upstarts and an incredible opportunity to increase revenues and market share.

You think you'll get the kind of break through apps that allow you to dominate your market by hiring mobile developers from Elance.

You're an unfunded startup. I act as a technical advisor for a number of startups in Silicon Valley, but these are typically well funded and/or I know the founders personally. 


My Services are Not for you if:

My name is Einar Vollset. I used to be a Professor of Computer Science at Cornell and I cofounded a YCombinator funded company acquired by Google. I will use my extensive experience to make your mobile efforts successful.

Help You find the most Effective Mobile Strategy to further your Goals, whether Raising Funding, Increasing Sales or Profits, or grabbing Marketshare.

Working with Einar was a pleasure, he helped us swiftly get started on an important mobile project.


Advise on what Your Apps Should and Shouldn't do; and

Build and Successfully Launch your iPhone, iPad and/or Android App.

Hiten Shah, CEO, KISSMetrics

Apps I've built have been covered in places like:

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If you begin an engagement with me, I will immediately start digging deep into your business so that I can:

When you begin an engagement with me, you don't just get access to me and my expert team of Android and iOS developers, you also get the benefit of my experience building apps and advising mobile strategy for companies and institutions of all shapes and sizes, including:

Small and Large SaaS businesses

Angel and Venture funded software and hardware startups

Fortune 500 companies

Government Institutions and NGOs

“He quickly understood our business and was able to bring to market something that our clients were clamouring for. Highly recommended.”

Here's a company I've worked with showing the kind of results you can expect:

Dave Richmond, CEO, Comcate

Comcate is the leading provider of web based software to cities and muncipalities nationwide. They leveraged our expertise to add a mobile component to their core web-based offering, something their existing customers happily paid more for, and which helped them sell into more cities.

We also assisted in transitioning the technology to their internal team, allowing them to take ownership of the code as mobile traffic increased for their clients.

Some of the Apps I've been involved in:

1,000,000+ downloads.

Top 100 Sports, Top 100 Weather App. 

Download From AppStore here.

iPad Health App. Helped TonicHealth close their first major Hospital clients.

Experimental iPhone voicemail App for the creators of Jawbone.

Press: New York Times, TechCrunch, All Things D, Engadget, MacWorld, CNET

Mortgage Calculator


Tonic Health

(for competitive reasons, most of my clients prefer me to be discreete regarding our engagements, but below is a sample of apps I've been invovled with at various levels)


Download from AppStore here.

Jawbone Thoughts

Press: Gizmodo.

4.8 avg Rating over 800 reviews.

Top 100 Finance App for > 2 years.

Download From AppStore here.

Left Coast R&D, Inc

101 Cooper St, Suite #42

Santa Cruz, CA 95060


“Working with Einar is not only productive, it's a joy”

Biz Stone, Founder, Twitter

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